Friday, April 11, 2014


While I was tidying my craft room this afternoon,
expecting rain, the sun came out, and we had a sunshower.

Brilliant sunshine with quite heavy rain.

And a surprising number of people walking by in raincoats and with umbrellas.
It was lovely.

Also today, this last day of term, and my first truly free day
in goodness-knows-how-long,
I washed, baked, walked, and rested, watching A Room with a View.
I had some other plans, but not enough energy to carry them out.
I guess my body just needed to slow down a little and spend most of the day resting.

 Now in the late afternoon, the sunshowers continue.
The girls are home, and holidays have begun.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday mornings

Monday mornings.
Emily and Steve have left early.
A flurry of activity around 8.00am as Laura and I 
rush to get her out the door to the bus.
(But not today, she is feeling sick, with a headache).

Breakfast for me.

A load of washing on
(even though it's obviously going to rain here, again.

A quick tidy-up
(easier this morning because we had a clean house
for visitors yesterday).

Preparing for bible study later in the week.
This week: put on the full armor of God, Ephesians 6

A few emails to catch up on.
Perhaps some blogging.
Monday mornings go fast and Emily is home at lunchtime.
(Today we will work on the pieces for her 
saxophone performance half-yearly, tomorrow.)

It's satisfying to feel that things have started well,
with everything tidy-ish.

Cue Morning from the Peer Gynt Suite
(which coincidentally was playing on the stereo while
I took these photos.)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Autumn Evening

Daylight savings has ended, and tonight is our first dark evening.

The weather is appropriately wet and chilly, 
so we feel cosy inside.

Most of the blogs I read are celebrating the first blossoms
and hints of warmer weather.
But here tonight I am celebrating closing the curtains early,
a tidy house, time to sit and read, and just feeling cosy.

Today we also celebrated my dad's 75th birthday with family.

I love the post-visitor feeling, don't you?
A tidy house, leftovers in the fridge, and just a little bit of exhaustion.
There's nothing more relaxing ...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A crocheted poncho

I haven't been blogging much, because my eyes are 
just not coping with the computer screen at the moment.
In a week I'll begin a process of exercises then glasses,
but for now I have to limit my screentime
(or type with my eyes shut!)

So to rest my eyes, I've started a crochet project instead.
For a while I've been thinking of making
a garment to keep me warm while I sit in bed, reading.
I usually snuggle under the crocheted rug my Nanna made me
when I was a teenager.  But on cold winter nights my back gets cold.
I like the granny rug pattern though, because I can poke my fingers out 
through the holes, to hold the book and keep the rest of my hands warm!

The obvious answer was a poncho.
I haven't owned a crocheted poncho since about 1975.
(But boy, did I love my poncho).
Last week I picked out some colours that might go with our bedroom, 
thinking neutrals, plus a colour.
I found a grey-brown and two denim blues.

Later, I realised that the colours I picked will match a cushion
that I've bought for our bed, exactly!  
If I ever finish up a little bit of painting and sew the curtains
I will use the new quilt cover and linen that is sitting, waiting patiently...

I'm using Panda Magnum 8ply acrylic yarn, since I'm allergic to wool.
I love the colours, so much, 
but I'm disappointed that the yarn isn't softer and warmer when crocheted.  
Yarn from the $2.00 shop is softer, but not available yet, (till after Easter?) 
and probably not in colours for our bedroom, anyway.

So, I'll keep happily crocheting (and watching Downton
and see how it turns out.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


A picnic to celebrate Steve's birthday.
Sunday after church I threw together some coleslaw
and we chopped up a BBQ chicken
and headed to the nearby national park.
Good to get outdoors for a few hours,
but oh, such muggy weather.

It was especially good to get out,
considering that a few days earlier we'd been contemplating this:

and expecting some of this:

On Tuesday night Laura's tummy erupted in spots.
We visited the doctor, and then 
cancelled everything for the next few days.
But by Saturday morning we realised that the spots
were not spreading, or getting crusty, or itchy.
In fact, they were fading and disappearing.

So, someone in particular was very happy to 
resume normal life after a few days of isolation.

What's been happening in your neck of the woods?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday morning op shopping

While Laura was iceskating and Steve rehearising,
Emily and I went op-shopping.
Looking for a long, flowing white dress
for a photography project for Emily.
Alas, we didn't find a dress, but we did find
one 1/2 price sale, and one 20c book sale!

These books cost me $2.60 in total!

These ones for Emily not so cheap, $12.50 total

This one perhaps my favourite, for just 20c!

Love these tea cosies.

Fun and frivolous for 50c.

Looks like we've got lots of reading now, 
but Emily might have to change her photography plans ...

Also this morning I've been baking for church morning tea
and making egg sandwiches and am wrapping gifts
for our big family party, celebrating about 12 birthdays today.

I picked up some Alexander McCall Smith books for 50c too,
one for me and a few duplicates I'll pass on to someone else.

What are you doing this Saturday morning?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Round here, lately

Amazing skies, sunshine, and storms.

Cake and more cake:
Apple Sponge, Caramel Upside-Down Pear Cake
and Armenian Nutmeg Cake.

Some homework done.
Some homework not done.

A 60th birthday card (and envelope) made from old sheetmusic
with a sprinkling of butterflies.
(loving the SU! Envelope Punch Board)

The 60th birthday lunch with Steve's family, 
amidst lovely gardens and artwork
at Hazelhurst Gallery, in Gymea.

And much, much, more that the camera didn't see.